Music: What Does it Do For You?

Music if often considered an escape, a moment in time where you can go to the place where you feel the story the song is telling. I suppose it depends on what kind of music you’re listening to, but for me there is nothing that helps me more than listening to songs that I can relate to, and letting myself feel.

I believe there is a time and place for all genres, and this of course depends on personal taste. I listen to a wide variety of musical genres, depending on where I am, or what mood I’m in.

Even music that is considered to not have an actual message (like EDM, some pop and rap tunes for example), allows people to have a good time. Going to music festivals, or parties sometimes is an escape in itself.

Personally, I love listening to music that has an upbeat tempo, and interesting melodies with a strong message. I have always been a huge fan of the band Paramore, and I feel this is because I have grown up with them! They are older than me technically, but in their lyrics I have always been able to relate. Their latest album, titled “After Laughter,” is one of my favourite things they’ve ever done (and possibly my favourite album, period). This album is filled with 80’s vibe, dance tunes that relay a heavy message. In “Rose-Colored Boy” the second verse states “I want you to stop insisting that I’m not a lost cause // ’cause I’ve been through a lot.” Progressing in the album, the song “Fake Happy” is one that so many can relate to with lyrics stating “Oh please don’t ask me how I’ve been // don’t make me play pretend // Oh no, oh what’s the use? // Oh please I bet everybody here is fake happy too.” The opening of the ninth track “Caught in the Middle” begins with “I can’t think of getting old, it only make me want to die // And I can’t think of who I was ’cause it just makes me want to cry” These songs really resonated with me through their incredibly fun sounding backing to Hayley Williams’ beautiful voice. These few tunes in particular were ones that I can listen to everyday and find new meaning, and genuinely feel different while I listen to them because of the contrasting sound and content. In comparison, I really opened up and let myself feel to the slow tracks “26” and “Tell Me How,” which reminded me of so many feelings I buried deep down. Even the tracks I have left unmentioned are songs that I love to listen to! This album truly is a personal treasure of mine.

All that being said of one artist’s latest album, music is such an individual experience! I wanted to share my favourite album in hopes that while I was describing the things I felt and loved about it, it would get you thinking the same of your favourite artist/album and the reasons why you love it so much! Also, if the content of this album made you feel interest in listening to it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I want to leave you with this; music is great for the soul. Sometimes, you didn’t realize a part of you was broken until you listen to a song and the feelings you’ve been hiding rise to the surface. Venture out and try to listen to new things, and of course keep the staples that always bring you comfort. Let music heal you, or at least be a step in the process. You never know how much good it can do if you don’t let it.

Keep pushing through! Life has a funny way of turning around every once and a while..





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