Pets and Their Profound Purpose

The two little guys you see attached to this article, depicted above right now, are my baby boys. They’re Abyssinian Guinea Pigs, and on the left is Charlie, and the right is Bo (BoBo as I always coo at him). I also have a little girl named Lola. She is a Syrian hamster, and I couldn’t love her sassy attitude and adorable little face any more than I already do. She is in the picture below.


Why am I writing about my wonderful pets? Because they are one way that I “get by.” They give me a reason every day, to wake up and take care of something that depends on me, and make me incredibly happy. More than that though, they keep me company when I’m feeling down and lonely, and they are a consistent source of exactly what I need, unconditional love from little furry friends.

It has been proven that owning pets provides numerous benefits, most of which are health related. So why not provide a nice home (if you can give an animal the love and comfort they deserve, of course!) to a little creature. Some disclosure, most of the benefits I mention in this article are specific to dogs, although I believe I get the same benefits from my little guys.

In terms of the health benefits I mentioned, having a pet can lower your blood pressure and decrease stress. It has been proven in studies that when a beloved pet is near, stress levels decrease and this can positively impact blood pressure as well. Mental health is impacted as well, as it is shown that with pets depression symptoms improve, as well as over all mood. Pets are such great to come home to, relieving some stress of the day and putting a much needed smile on your face.

Pets provide a purpose too. Whenever I feel lost, or useless I can remind myself that my pets rely on me, and love me. It never fails to make me feel better, and get me through the tough days.

So if you’re reading this, and you think you have room and time in your life to have a little companion, I say do it! There are really only benefits if it is something you want, and they become a part of your family, they truly do. Just make sure you can give them a really amazing life, because every animal deserves that.

Thanks for reading, and keep pushing through! I know this is going to be a great week for you.





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