The Importance of Creative Outlets

Hello all! Today I want to discuss a really important method to getting by. Creative outlets are important for everyone, even those of you who don’t think you have a creative bone in your body. It is such an important form of self expression, and allows you to release some feelings you thought you wouldn’t be able to get out.

Personally, I love to put all my creative energy into words. Be it through singing a song, listening to a song with lyrics I connect to, or writing to those who are willing to read about what I have to say.

Music is therapeutic for me, always has been. I think it’s because I grew up so incredibly insecure in myself that once I started to venture into the world of music, it was finally something I was good at, and gave me control even for a brief moment. When I was young, my dad used to play lots of amazing songs by amazing artists for me and I was introduced to classic rock, 80’s pop, grunge and indie music. I guess you could say I found my passion through his own. I started singing with my coach (one of my favourite people) a couple of years ago, and through expanding my vocal range and abilities I found an even deeper love of expression through music. I then was introduced to a piano player who is amazing, and we are likeminded, so it works well. Well that, and we both enjoy a sad tune. We’ve both moved away for school, but I believe that we’ll still be able to work together in the future, or at least I can hope. Music is my outlet, my way to speak words that I never could say to someone’s face. My way to show what I’m feeling inside, beyond the happy mask I put on every day. It’s so important to me to be able to speak my truth, even if by some other people’s words sometimes. It’s a relief to say what I have to, even when I don’t get the closure I need (the closure I want). Without music, I’d be lost and even more alone.

Writing, a wonderful feeling and mode of expression that anyone can participate in. In addition to music, writing is one of my personal favourite things to do when I need to let some feelings out. It’s almost a stronger way to do so for me, because I can use my own experiences and emotions, instead of borrowing someone else’s. I love to find a place where I can truly be myself, and find a community of others to support, and relate to.

However, those are just a couple of the ways I express myself creatively! If you find something that makes you feel confident in yourself and lets you free your confined feelings please never let it go. No matter how tough it gets, how dark and twisted, push through using the things you love to make the days a little bit easier. Remember, if you don’t go through the tough parts, you’ll never see the rest of your amazing life and become exactly who you’re meant to be!

I love you all, keep pushing through



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