Focusing on the Future

Hello all, today I will be kind of continuing a thought that I have been focusing on throughout my writing thus far. Keeping an eye on what’s to come, and trying to let go what has been is so important and something I have been working on a lot lately.

It is really important to let yourself move on. I’m still trying, but the more I think about my future and improving myself it does get a little bit easier. I’ve learned that although I have quite a few regrets, I can only focus now on being a better person moving forward. I need to learn how to cope, allow myself to hurt in the moment, and let other people in. I know what my problems are, and honestly I think I should try going to therapy to work through my past, to help me continue moving in the right direction. I find most days, eighty percent of my time is spent dwelling. This isn’t doing me any good and I know that but I have so many things left unfinished. So many people I want closure with. Although I may not get the opportunity to complete these things I need to find a way to let go to finally be happy.

I think it is so essential that you work through issues as they come. That’s my advice given my knowledge now. If you have issues with a friend or person, you need to try your best to work through it sooner than later, because most likely if you wait years, that person is already over it while you are drowning in your feelings. If you have an issue at work, or in life you need to face that head on as well. The sooner you get things off your chest and figure out a situation the cleaner your slate will be in the future. The moral of the story being, things become irrelevant fast. Work through things as they come, build up your courage and reach out before it’s too late.

I mean, to some extent it’s really important to please others, but ultimately you have to live with yourself so you have to be a little selfish sometimes. Focus on making yourself better before you drag others into a black hole.

Just a few thoughts I’ve had lately. I hope this helps you in some way!

Keep fighting, it’s always worth it. You’re always worth it!



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