Hard Times

As Paramore would have it “hard times, gonna make you wonder why you even try//hard times, gonna take you down, and laugh when you cry.”

Hello friends! Today I want to discuss the hard times we go through, and how to get by them. Well specifically, how get by them. Maybe you can take some inspiration from me, and if not maybe you’ll discover your own ways to push on through.

Often times, I am fighting a consistent battle with myself. I find that I am really hard on myself and find it hard to like who I am sometimes. This doesn’t mean that I’m like this all the time, but it does come and go frequently. I’m sure you can relate.

When I find myself feeling down, often times I can try and keep myself busy, to try and combat the ever present thoughts I have when I let them simmer in my mind. This is a method I use to get through the days, because I know pushing away persistent thoughts and feelings all the time is unhealthy. When I have time to myself, and I can, I let myself feel. This sounds weird, and it’s sort of hard to explain, but sometimes you have to sit down, think about the things that are bothering you, and let yourself feel whatever those thoughts make you feel. I find it’s a good release. However if these are recurring negative thoughts that won’t let you move on, sometimes you have to get some outside help. It’s challenging to admit, but everybody needs a little help sometimes.

Often times, I find myself in a place where I can’t really help myself. This is a place of true self-loathing and focusing on all the negative things I’ve done in the past, or things I believe to be entirely my fault. This is the hardest place for me, because I generally have to just ride it out. Sometimes it’s a whole day, sometimes it’s just at night. But this is one I have yet to conquer. I use the “let myself feel method,” however sometimes this makes everything worse because I’m already in the mindset that I can’t do anything right, and focusing on the things that bring me down, drag me even further.

Nobody said it was easy to live with regrets, or mental illness, or just general pain. But I never thought it would be so hard sometimes.

If you are suffering, please find that support system! Open up to the people you love, and be honest. It’s such a brave thing to do, because putting yourself out there is terrifying. I get it, trust me. But I also know that if you let things fester and ignore your feelings, much worse things will happen in your life.

Thanks for reading my post, and I hope (if you relate), you’re considering some of the methods I use for the less intense episodes of difficult times, and even considering getting some help for the impossible ones.

I love you, you’re doing great.



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