Taking Pride

Hello all! Compared to the last few weeks’ content, I would like to take a slight change in direction and talk about something a little lighter, a little happier. A nice change for the New Year, as I want to start off the year with a more positive light, and an ability to move past my regrets from years past.

I find it really hard to like myself, or believe my worth. I just wanted to share a few times where I was really proud of my accomplishments and how it made me feel. Because sometimes, I can allow myself to understand just how significant my accomplishments are to my future and how my actions can sometimes really positively affect others.

One of my accomplishments that I never believed in myself enough to admit, but was huge for me, was graduating my practical nursing program. Two years of impossibly challenging learning and amazing rewarding experiences later, and I’m a registered practical nurse (RPN). I never let myself be proud of it, because I always told myself I was too stupid, or wasn’t a good enough person to be a nurse. Obviously that isn’t true, or else I wouldn’t have graduated! Now I’m working towards medical esthetics and I feel as though I have found my reason for being, something that will make my days have purpose and bring people confidence, beauty and joy. Try not to let school get you down too far, you’re there because you are chosen and you are good enough. Never forget that.

Some other accomplishments include overcoming mental illness, the hard days, and consistently shaping myself into the person I want to be. Day by day, I am working at fighting through challenges and doing everything I can to make sure I am okay, and even better than that, happy. I never gave myself credit for being diagnosed with mental illness in high school at age 17, and never letting it affect my studies, extracurricular activities and at the time, relationships. I never let myself feel sorry for myself and work through my issues, and I managed to get through it until I wasn’t okay. Fighting through that was impossible. However, I did it, and I’m so proud of myself for conquering that.

There are countless times that I haven’t given myself enough credit for the doing the absolute best that I can. If I was to go through everything, this post would be very long and quite repetitive.

So I’ll leave you all with this,

If you’re finding it really hard to let yourself feel good about your accomplishments, just think about how hard you’ve worked to get here. How hard it was to get past certain tough times, for however long they lasted. How hard you fought to keep getting better and better and let yourself think, “I did really well, I’m doing really well and it’s only going to get better.”

I love you all, Happy New Year, let’s make this one really count!




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