A Different Kind of Peace

Hello all!

Recently I’ve been going over my past “mishaps” and been thinking about how to make things right. Throughout this process I’ve realized that not all the time do you get closure, or to make peace with everybody. Which leads me to the title of this post, I’ve learned to find different kinds of peace.

Sometimes you make mistakes, with people or situations, and you might not get the chance to get satisfaction that things are/will be okay. These situations are the ones that I take the opportunity to try and make my own peace.

With people, it’s hard to know where you stand. Often times we get in our own heads about things and read into problems that don’t exist. I’m guilty of this. Somebody doesn’t reply to my text right away, and I think I did something wrong. It just happens. But sometimes when there is a problem you don’t really get a chance to make peace with someone for whatever reason. This is a problem because now you’re stuck dwelling and in a constant state of self-loathing. The way that I make peace is by trying all I can do with that person to let them know I am sorry, and try to give them some peace. Then I try to let go, and be happy for them. It’s not an easy fix, and it obviously still hurts but at least I’ve tried something to ease the ache for the time being.

With situational things, it will always depend on what has happened and everything surrounding the event(s). The best thing you can do is try to mend what has happened in the past by facing it head on in some way, and trying to follow up by focusing on moving forward. I know it sounds so obvious, but it takes a lot of courage to face problems and own up to mistakes. Something that everybody is afraid to do because of pride. Don’t let pride get in the way. Make things right, gives so much more peace to everyone involved.

So, a shorter post today but something I’ve been thinking on for a while.

Thanks for supporting me, I love you.



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