How Music Can Affect You.

Hello all!

As I sit in a café, preparing for another long day of studying, I started thinking about things I’d rather be doing (of course, I procrastinate even when I should be focused). I’d rather be singing, practicing guitar or piano and expressing my feelings through the music.

You see, music has always been my outlet. My previous post about music is similar but I wanted to get more into the emotional aspects and how music that is applicable to how I’m feeling can help me release pent up feelings.

Being a person who is really good at masking how I feel, and is better and building up emotions rather than dealing with them, music is very assistive to my mental health and stress relief.

Music is a way for me to express difficult feelings, through a medium that I can choose to be private or to share with others. I love this, because sometimes, its nice to be alone and figure out your own feelings before bringing anyone else in. Being an introvert, I like to be by myself and try my best to figure things out on my own, but of course I have my people that I cherish for being there for me always.

My feelings are best sorted through the melodies and words that are most relatable for me, and sometimes I’ll even try and write my own. Its hard to be great at something without practice though, and I’ve got a long way to go for sure. I find after a session of singing, I feel so much better for a couple reasons. I don’t usually give myself credit for many things that I am good at, but singing is something I let myself have some confidence in. This is one way that I feel great. The others are the expression I’ve mentioned a lot in this post. By letting out what I feel and singing it to others or myself, I have some emotional release from my issues, or so it would seem.

So those are some more thoughts I have about music, thanks for reading. I know my posts have been short, but I have been really busy studying and preparing for a new semester!! I’ll do my best to write more and more as time moves forward.

I love you guys,



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